Your very own private wellness area

Private Pool Room and Private Spa Apartment

Wellness is also available in our private pool rooms and the PrivateSPA flat. You can read about how we came up with this idea in our history. Background info: The private whirlpools are heated all year round and sustainably by means of our hotel’s own combined heat and power plant. 

Private Pool-Rooms

In our private pool rooms, enjoy the luxury of a private whirlpool for 2 on the balcony. Start the day with an invigorating plunge into the whirlpool and enjoy the stimulating effect of the bubbling water before or after breakfast. 

After an active day in Bad Windsheim and the surrounding area, look forward to a relaxing dip in the whirlpool in the evening with a cool drink. Isn’t that a wonderful outlook on a wellness holiday?

Here are a few inspiring pictures of our private pool rooms:

Private Spa-Apartments

Can private wellness enjoyment be any better? We think “no”. When you stay in one of our private spa apartments, you no longer need to leave the apartment for wellness purposes. 

From the apartment, which is fully equipped with a kitchen, you have access to your private roof terrace – your private wellness area. Enjoy – whenever you want – a bubbling stay in the whirlpool for 4 persons. Or would you like to do something for your well-being in the sauna? No problem, and for relaxation after the sauna, relaxation loungers are available.

By the way: SPA is not only a Belgian spa, but also stands for the abbreviation “sanus per aquam” – “healthy through water”. We are pleased that we can contribute a little to your very private well-being with our spa apartment.